Kids Say the Darndest Things

Wednesday March 11, 2015

We have had a few obstacles getting the musical, Kiss Me Kate, up and running this year...our newly renovated auditorium just passed occupancy a week ago, the pit missed almost a month of rehearsals due to cold/snow days and cancellation of evening activities, etc.  The show begins Tuesday March 17th. The orchestra and I were discussing the difficulties being prepared for next week with such difficult music and so few rehearsals.  I was launching into my usual tirade of "practice, practice, practice" when I hear a voice from the cello section say "E Pluribus Coopum."  I looked perplexed so Eli clarified "In Coops we trust.  We will be fine."


Thursday February 26, 2015

My chamber orchestra, the Ambassador Orchestra, was heading to Heinz Hall to perform for Maestro Manfred Honeck (the Music Director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra).  They were all dressed in their concert attire.  As I sitting in the front of the bus, I received the following text from the back of the bus...

Madeleine:  I think I just ripped my skirt.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Me:  What? How?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Madeleine:  It was a little tight and I laughed really hard.  Don't worry.  It is in the back.  I can hide it.  Nobody will know.                                                                                                                            

Tuesday January 13, 2015

My students write program notes for every concert.  For our last concert, the upperclassmen wrote about Ernest Bloch's Concerto Grosso No. 1.  Bloch wrote this piece in response to a challenge from his students at the Cleveland Institute of Music.  As I was reading my students' notes earlier this week, I came across this gem from Deepi: "During that time, he received a lot of inspiration from his students, as do many people surrounded by great minds..."  I couldn't agree more.

Monday January 5, 2015

Today I handed my AP Music Theory class their final exams.  I give each a different music composition to analyze. I choose the piece based on their musical interests.  The students then research the composer, analyze the piece and create a thesis based on their interests.  It is designed to be open-ended so that they can think outside of the box. As they finished their work for today today, Sam offered me two potential interpretations of his piece.  I nodded my head.  He stared at me and then said the following:  "Is this going to be one of those things where you make me make up my own mind?" I have missed teenagers for the past two weeks.

Monday January 5, 2015

Kendal came after school to ask if she could miss half of chamber orchestra rehearsal this evening because she has a biology final tomorrow.  When I asked her why she had not studied over her two-week break, she responded with the following:

"I was in a coma for half of break.  Then I had to finish my college applications and then I had to cat sit.  Oh...and then there was the Great Gatsby and Star Wars which I did all in one day to save time.  So, I didn't have time to study for bio."